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Titan Official Reference 2013 by xAcidicCanine Titan Official Reference 2013 by xAcidicCanine
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Finally got a recent reference done for the guy! This took hours. Literally. BUT I FINALLY GOT AROUND TO MAKE IT.

Now. There's some information, a lot of information, that is NOT given in the ref. The colours whatsoever and his design is. He has got one of the most 'simple' designs, concidering everything. As you can see, he got NO markings at all, the things that make him, hard or difficult to draw, is the horns and the wings. Maybe the tail.

Which is the main reason, the wings are OPTIONAL. Because they are a pain in the ass. His tail can be drawn as a normal wolf tail. Horns are NOT optional though, they are his specieal trait. Or, special and special. He's the only one of my characters with horns like that. Of course I have the goat character 'Sin' but that's something completely different.

Anyways. On to some information about the character.

Name: Titan
Age: Unknown (Thousands of decades, possibly older)
Age - Human form: Again, unknown. But appears as a man somewhere between the age of 26 to 32 years
Gender: Hermaphrodite - Mentioned and talked about as a Male being, but has funioning female genitalia as well as his perfectly functional male genitalia.
Height: 6'2" (about 1.88 cm)
Weight: 150lb (approx 68 kg - Yes he's a bit underweight)

Hair Colour and style: Long, black hair. It always appears to be slightly greasy. It is never pony tailed, He does not have a 'mollet'.

Body type: Atlethic and muscular. He has inhuman strength, supposingly stronger than far most angels and demons, as well as leviathans. Therefore, he does as both human and 'wolf' appear muscular. He only looks fast and sleek in his human shape, as he is quite the bit slower in his original form. Taking his weight increases something awful when he goes from human to 'wolf'. The wings are heavy, the tail are heavy, the fur is heavy, everything is pretty heavy. But of course, he can still move around without any difficulties and can still run and jump and fly.

Species: listed as Arch Demon, although it can be questioned. As he never was an Angel, and never would be able to become a fallen angel(demon.)

He's more like a distant relative to angels and demons, far stronger than the both of them, rather than an actual creature of the species(Angel or Demon).

Story goes:
That God created Titan, a few days after having banished Lucifer. God simply created Titan, set in mind to guard the depths of Hell and attack, if not, kill, anyone who tried to get either in, or out, and likewise attack or kill anyone that'd try to help Lucifer out. Titan was at the same time meant to be attacking Lucifer as well, when and if he wanted to try an escape.

Rumor has it, that Titan for a long period of time, also held the 'key' to the Cage that Lucifer was trapped in. However, Titan left his post, and started killing other beings, instead of only demons.

Now, as some of you might remember from my deviantart acc, where I posted a traditional drawing of Titan fighting another demonic wolf being, supposingly Titan's younger brother. Truth be told, that these two are brothers, but yet again it was a creature God created, with the intend of the new monster to defeat Titan. Only he couldn't, and he ended up being banished as well.

Sometime after, some angels supposingly caught Titan and had him chained to Lucifers cage, and by that 'forcing' Titan to get back at his original 'job'. They key was removed from Titans inventory and was then changed and parted, giving each of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse an extremely powerful ring.

It is not known who held the keys for the chains that was supposed to hold Titan, but whoever it was, must've let Titan out some after a few hundred decades. However, it was learned, later, that Titan himself had managed to break free, which granted him unlimited access inside and outside of hell, as well as he managed to access the ability to get into heaven, as well as out again. However, Titan's favourite place to be, is by far among the humans. Not because he respects them or anything, but basically because of his abilities.

Is he immortal? - Yes, well. Almost. He can be killed, but it is difficult, and he always ends up catching whoever it is that is trying to assasinate him, and then he kills them.


He eats the hearts of his enemies and his random victims.

He's sadistic. Say, he loves to make his victims suffer for a long time, while he kills them. Slowly. - Afterwards he enjoys to rip their intestines out and mash them around the ground, walls and whatever is in the area.

He can get pregnant. - Is known to have been pregnant a dozen times before. He never seems to be very close to the kids though, and sometimes even kills them.

He needs to eat human flesh when in human shape, in order to stay 'sane'.

He can get both wings, tail and horns in his human shape, without needing to go full 'wolf'.

He often disguises himself as a normal black wolf, well almost normal, taking that he ALWAYS have red eyes with black slit pupils. (Note he also have red eyes and slit pupils in human shape.)

- More info will be added once I've gotten some sleep.

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November 24, 2013
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